My Last Year

The year for me has been full of disappointment, hurt, ups and downs emotionally.  Hard to process and even more difficult to understand.   I spent time alone this afternoon, praying to God and asking him to show me answers.  Why am I at the lowest place in my life, when I should be the happiest.  It has to do with losing things I cherished, material things and losing hope.  Hope was the hardest.  Wondering what I had done wrong I asked to be shown how to continue and move out of the darkness and be into light again.  I was moved to tears as the first song on The Voice tonight gave me clear direction on how to proceed, in spite of everything.  Please watch the beautiful video below, maybe it answers some of your needs too.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow….that is a pretty amazing song…. I wish it was as easy as “do it anyway” for me….I just can’t find that strength any more…maybe I just don’t care enough any more. If you can, take care of your self. Love you….

    1. jaimmers says:

      That’s the difficulty I am finding too Nan, I am broken. But I pray with God’s help I will find a path back to myself. I pray that for you too. I love you, now and always.

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