Granny’s Cabinet

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My granny, in the middle, me in the green shirt on the bottom and my second mother, Aunt Mary on the right.

For most of the years I knew her, Granny lived in a very small modest house.  Her kitchen used to be a back porch that was enclosed and so it had very few cabinets.  This cupboard held her everyday dishes and glasses.  I remember so many times setting her gray and white formica table for a meal.  Granny was a cook.  This cabinet is full of many sentimental memories.

She worked in a restaurant for years and then in a hospital baking.  Her pies and cakes were big hits not only with the patients, but also with the doctors at the hospital who hired her to make desserts for their personal parties.  But Granny was not all sweet.   🙂   She would speak her mind whether you asked for it or not.  She was feisty and active and driving into her 80’s a blue Rambler.  Sometimes driving much further than her daughters thought she should, of course without telling them, but only to be found out later.

After she died, the one thing that I wanted of hers was this cabinet.  It reminds me of childhood and being in Granny and Papa’s house and the love I felt for them.  It reminds me of Susie, their boxer and taking her for walks.  It reminds me of their blue parakeet that Papa let out of it’s cage to fly and land on him.  It reminds me of family.

So much family has passed on and others drifted apart.  I still miss their faces and the laughter and a simpler time in life.  I didn’t have room for Granny’s cabinet in my kitchen when I moved so it was stored in the basement.  But this weekend I again found a spot for it in the kitchen.

The clasp on the glass door has always been missing and it opens randomly at various times.  I used to have to close it all the time in my other house.  But as I closed it, I always said “Hi Granny”, in case it was her needing to set the table.  Although the paint is dirty and chipped, I lightly wipe it off.  There is nothing more important to me than keeping Granny’s memory alive and her cabinet covered in her fingerprints.


Granny’s Book of Recipes                                Her Recipe for Derby Pie 4 or 1


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  1. Marie Keates says:

    Mother had a cabinet much like this. It’s difficult to see how so much can be packed into such a small space. I wish I’d kept it.

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