Therapy for a Tired Soul

Blah!   That’s how I’ve been feeling.  Tired, frustrated, irritable and unmotivated!  Is it the weather, certainly the lack of sunshine and cold doesn’t help.  Or maybe my job, my boss is certainly a pain in the a**.  Or the commute, an hour each way and the fact that I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning.  It doesn’t help that at 5:30 I rarely put on makeup or really care about what I’m wearing.  Overall, I’m a mess.

So tonight I stopped at Target on the way home from work.  Bought a few things, a little makeup, a new sweater and of course a purse.  🙂  Anyone that knows me, knows a purse is my go to item when I’m in need of retail therapy.

Tomorrow when I get up at 5:30 and get ready for work, I WILL put on a new sweater and create an outfit I think is cute.  I WILL put on my new eyeliner and of course the shimmer powder on my cheeks to give my 64 year old skin a bit of a youthful glow.  My hair will actually be styled and not just quickly brushed with a shrug of my shoulders meaning “good enough”.  Now the people at work may not even notice a difference.  They may still see a 64 year old woman with a little make up on, still fat with a big butt and some noticeable stiffness in her gait from bad knees.  But…..hopefully in my mind, I will see the girl of my dreams.


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  1. Really enjoyed reading this, your writing style is fantastic and I’m sure your beautiful personality will shine through no matter the outward appearance.. stay happy 🙂

    1. jaimmers says:

      Thank you for your kind words.

  2. As long as you look in the mirror and smile at what you see , it’s great!
    I lost 70 pounds with Gods help. I am 62. The best time of my life is going to be my 60s. I beg it will be the same for you too!

    1. jaimmers says:

      Thank you. I too need to lose weight and continue work at it.

      1. You will have victory

  3. You will do well- you can do this

  4. Marie Keates says:

    Sometimes a little self pampering is all that’s needed to lift the mood 🙂

    1. jaimmers says:

      Yes it is Marie. Nice to see you and hope you are doing well.

  5. jaimmers says:

    Thank you Marie. Nice to see you again. Yes, pampering sometimes is all you need. 🙂

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