A Year and a Lifetime of Learning Later

Thanksgiving eve, a wonderful to time to review my choices and my life changes in the last year since I have posted. Many things have changed. I have gotten jobs, I’ve left jobs, I’ve been happy, I’ve been depressed, but mostly I have lived and learned.

The last year included an awful job, which I left. Finally deciding at my stage in life I was no longer willing to jump thru the hoops and change completely who I am to meet unrealistic expectations. I am currently working at a position that is less stress, and more time for organization. The downfall is a two hour a day commute.

Most importantly I reconnected with a man I dated in high school, thru such a series of coincidences that it could only have been God’s plan. We married in August and he is the most wonderful, quirky, funny man I have ever met. How did I not notice that 46 years ago? Maturity has its benefits. I am so blessed.

My children and family will celebrate Thanksgiving with me on Friday due to work schedules. I thank God for them everyday and pray for their happiness and health.

My health, ie. weight has stayed the same even though I lost weight almost a year ago. Time to restart that process and I feel ready to not only eat right and healtlhy, but to start exercise program in the water that will help. What I have recently learned is that my knees are are in end stages of arthritits and need double knee replacement. I will continue to work and strengthen my muscles until pain gives me no other option. Already I have unstable knees that hyperextend and twist when I don’t expect it and cause pain.

But all in all, I have a wonderful family that loves me and wants to come and eat my cooking. 🙂 A husband that loves me and I love him. We have fun together and laugh all the time. The key I think to a good relationship at a time in my life I never expected to find love again. A job that is good for me, despite the commute and the desire to continue to work on personal improvement.

All in all, not a bad life to be thankful for this year. I hope the year has brought you as much happiness and learning as it has to me. God Bless in the next year.


About jaimmers

Learning to age gracefully and continue learning about myself. I blog about motivation, empowerment, family, weight loss and healthier living. Join me.
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2 Responses to A Year and a Lifetime of Learning Later

  1. Marie Keates says:

    Sounds like it has all come together for you this last year. 🙂

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