A Year and a Lifetime of Learning Later

Thanksgiving eve, a wonderful to time to review my choices and my life changes in the last year since I have posted. Many things have changed. I have gotten jobs, I’ve left jobs, I’ve been happy, I’ve been depressed, but mostly I have lived and learned.

The last year included an awful job, which I left. Finally deciding at my stage in life I was no longer willing to jump thru the hoops and change completely who I am to meet unrealistic expectations. I am currently working at a position that is less stress, and more time for organization. The downfall is a two hour a day commute.

Most importantly I reconnected with a man I dated in high school, thru such a series of coincidences that it could only have been God’s plan. We married in August and he is the most wonderful, quirky, funny man I have ever met. How did I not notice that 46 years ago? Maturity has its benefits. I am so blessed.

My children and family will celebrate Thanksgiving with me on Friday due to work schedules. I thank God for them everyday and pray for their happiness and health.

My health, ie. weight has stayed the same even though I lost weight almost a year ago. Time to restart that process and I feel ready to not only eat right and healtlhy, but to start exercise program in the water that will help. What I have recently learned is that my knees are are in end stages of arthritits and need double knee replacement. I will continue to work and strengthen my muscles until pain gives me no other option. Already I have unstable knees that hyperextend and twist when I don’t expect it and cause pain.

But all in all, I have a wonderful family that loves me and wants to come and eat my cooking. 🙂 A husband that loves me and I love him. We have fun together and laugh all the time. The key I think to a good relationship at a time in my life I never expected to find love again. A job that is good for me, despite the commute and the desire to continue to work on personal improvement.

All in all, not a bad life to be thankful for this year. I hope the year has brought you as much happiness and learning as it has to me. God Bless in the next year.


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  1. Marie Keates says:

    Sounds like it has all come together for you this last year. 🙂

    1. jaimmers says:

      It has Marie. Glad to see you are still active. Maybe the old saying is true….good things come to those who wait.

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