Finally…….You’re Hired


Starting Monday I have a new job!

I was beginning to give up, but it was in God’s time and not mine.  Looking back I can see that it was for a reason.  I was available to be with my sister thru her cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I was given the gift of time to spend with my mom and aunt.  My grandkids and I have spent more time together.  And lastly, I have been able to spend time on myself.

I am grateful for a new job, but most of all, I am grateful for the gift of time.


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  1. mariekeates says:

    Good new indeed. When do you start?

    1. jaimmers says:

      Tomorrow. Thanks.

  2. seeker says:

    I am so glad that you were able to see it through in God’s eyes, mind and time. Congratulations and all the best in your new job.

    1. jaimmers says:

      Thank you. It has helped having friends like you in the blog world.

      1. seeker says:

        Well, Jaimmers. I did not unfollow you just because of the silence going on in your site. I did say a prayer that God will answer your prayers what ever that might be. I know about you looking for a job and your the big “C” and the grandchildren. Finally, the good news. Keep calm and keep on blogging.

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