Stress and Insomnia!

Insomnia & Other Lullabyes
Insomnia & Other Lullabyes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s almost 2 in the morning and I can’t go to sleep. I have tried. Tossing and turning, but my mind won’t shut off. I hate sleep problems.

Tomorrow morning I have a telephone interview and am stressing about that. It’s for a job over 7 hours away from home. I only need to work 3 more years, but I need a job. My health insurance is killing me.

They might not even like me, but I am all the way down the road in my mind. Should I even interview for this? It would not be my first choice, but there aren’t any jobs near my home now. Ugh.

Trying hard to relinquish control and remember it is in God’s hands, but my mind doesn’t shut off. What to do?


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  1. colsmudge says:

    Sleep issues and me, we go way back. You have my sympathy. For a quick sleep aid for active brain syndrome, turn on a radio, set it to BBC world service, set the sound at the lowest level you can still hear, and relax. 15 minutes or so and you should be fast asleep. . Although I obviously don’t offer a money back guarantee. Hope you get some Zzz’s in soon.

  2. jaimmers says:

    Thanks. I am willing to try anything. Unfortunately, not a one night issue, but every night. Sorry you have the same problem.

  3. dmauldin53 says:

    Have you tried drinking chamomile tea before going to bed. I love herbal teas and tend to turn to them first. There are several ‘sleepy time’ formulas available, but I’ve never tried them. The chamomile works well for me.

  4. seeker says:

    Hard to sleep when our mind is someplace else. I can relate to that. Try counting backwards starting from 1000. It’s effective for me and I don’t reach 900. Zonk, snore. By the way 7 hours is too far to commute. Hope God will provide something closer to home. I’ll say a prayer for you.

    1. jaimmers says:

      Thanks for the recommendations. I will try anything. Yes 7 hours is a long way, would have to relocate for a few years and that is not easy either. Thanks for your prayers.

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