My sister Pam with her son Brian.

Yesterday, my sister and her daughter, my mother and I went to the oncologist to get the results of her testing for breast cancer. Good news is that she remained at Stage II. Her body scan was negative and no metastasized cancer. But, because her cancer was small and already in a lymph node the suggested treatment was 12 weeks of chemo, followed by radiation and five years of estrogen blocking drugs. She will lose her hair, feel fatigued and possibly have nausea, although they will give her meds to help stop as many of the side effects as possible.

I was proud of my sister yesterday. Without fear she decided on the chemo in addition to radiation to reduce her chances of reoccurrence. She is looking straight in the face of cancer and ready to win.

And she will.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie says:

    So happy to hear the good news, and glad you all were with her!

  2. jaimmers says:

    Yes, we are feeling positive. Dr was just concerned that this may have more “legs” than we can currently see, so that is why the chemo. Whenever she goes for news, she always has her posse with her. 🙂

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