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Day 294/365 - The Color Purple
Day 294/365 – The Color Purple (Photo credit: Kevin H.)


Bus Tour

020 020

Harlem                                                                     Me in Times Square

New York City is a wonderful place.  I had never been and had always wanted to go and see a musical. In 2006 I went to tour the city and see The Color Purple with Fantasia starring in it. It was fantastic! Both the city and the musical.  The city was so alive and vibrant with smells from the mom and pop pizzerias, the lights of Times Square and the never ending list of iconic things to see.  The things I had only seen in the movies.  The Empire State Building (Cary Grant was not there waiting 😦 ), Central Park, Harlem and Ground Zero.

After the musical I felt so empowered.  It was an affirmation to personal value and self esteem, no matter the ups and downs in life. I was so moved by it, I wanted to share it with my daughters.   Six months later I took my two daughters to New York to see The Color Purple.

They were not disappointed. It was another way for me to reinforce to them their value and created a wonderful memory for all of us. Music is very inspirational.

As I grow older, I can certainly relate to the the video below.  I have spent many years being critical of myself and never feeling enough.  I’m not saying that I have conquered all of that, but am getting better at it.  I hope my daughters and all the women out there get the lesson sooner than I did.

Empower yourself and listen to this:



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