Shut Up and Move!

Put Up or Shut Up
Put Up or Shut Up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why did I have to get this today? Watching Dr Oz and all the Biggest Loser trainers were on there. One of them said, I don’t remember who, the reason they work them so hard is so they won’t forget how difficult it was to get where they wanted to be.


I probably have heard this in variation of words thousands of times in my life.  Exercise, Exercise…yuck.  I hate it.  Don’t like to sweat, don’t have any endurance.  I’ve lost 50 lbs, needed to lose at least 100 and wondered why my diet stopped working.  Once I get in the groove, eating low carb is relatively easy for me.  I can eat as much as I want, no counting, weighing, measuring.

I wanted the easy way out.  Still do, truth be told.  But today those words lit a candle in the dark recesses of my brain.  I don’t want it enough to do the hard work.  Or do I?   I have to continue to push myself for the motivation to put up or shut up.

The decision should be easy.  Am I happy and healthy with my weight?  The answer is HE** NO!  Am I going to start an exercise program to change it.  Today I am not sure.  If I am settling with this, how many other aspects of my life am I settling in?


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