Keep on, keeping on!

low carb

low carb (Photo credit: daBinsi)

Woke up this morning feeling really good and energetic. This is my third day of low carb healthy eating! Yeah, I am on the wagon again………….where is the superglue for my rear to keep me on? 🙂

Then I received an email saying that a job that I interviewed for last October and really wanted had finally been given to someone else. 😦   I felt disappointment and then I prayed again for the ability to give up control and wait for my right path.  Feeling more peaceful now.

Found a really great blog that I started to follow for motivation. Always need that, can get off track easily by myself. Check it out!


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Learning to age gracefully and continue learning about myself. I blog about motivation, empowerment, family, weight loss and healthier living. Join me.
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2 Responses to Keep on, keeping on!

  1. It’s so easy to get discouraged – I’m a big believer than everything falls into place at the right time. Not landing this position just means there is a bigger and better job plan for you in the near future I’m sure.

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