Let’s Go

Today is December 30th 2012. After spending Christmas week sick, I am finally feeling better today. For the first time ever, I saw the complete movie “Out of Africa”. Yes, I had seen bits and pieces before, but never the whole movie in one sitting. Oh and can I say Robert Redford, you stole my heart and also broke it. It got me to thinking.

What is there really in the end? At 62, I am certainly closer to the end than the beginning. What will my legacy be? What have I accomplished? Certainly this is not where I expected to find myself at this time in my life.

I have always worked. Even when my children were young, I had a job. Now to be unemployed, due to consolidations and business slow downs, leaves me flying in the breeze. Kind of like that feather in Forrest Gump. Swept along in whichever direction the wind blows. My life always revolved around the kids and even grandkids, but I am finding more and more time for me. The question is, what am I going to do with it?

I’d like to be selfish for once and have it be something for me, that I enjoy. The pickle is finding that thing. Any ideas? Other retiree’s, what have you done? At least I can start with something I might not think of on my own.

Why didn’t I realize it when I was young and beautiful and healthy, but when I no longer am, I realize it acutely? Please come along and share your experiences. I know someone knows the way to Happy.


This is my puppy Emma dressed up as a ladybug on Halloween! She has arrived at happy. 🙂


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